Define the Future of Alternatives with NY-ALT

Upcoming Member Events


Define the Future of Alternatives with NY-ALT

Upcoming Member Events

New York Alternative Investment Roundtable provides an opportunity for alternative investment professionals at every level to contribute, connect, and advance their future.

Supporting the rapidly expanding alternative investment industry

Latest from NYAIR

NYAIR Episode 89 –Data: The Big Picture

Dr. Lev Borodovsky, the Chief Risk Officer of asset management firm Star Mountain Capital and author of The Daily Shot –a graphical newsletter that provides an unbiased visual overview of global macro currents, discusses what data anomalies...

2022 Year-End Asset Management Updates

By John Basile & Baylee Zimmerly, Baker Tilly Asset management’s 2022 year-end webinar provided an update focusing on the current state of the industry and an economic outlook. The webinar included trending topics in the...

Japanese Debt -We’re Taking a Victory Lap

By Gary Brode, Deep Knowledge Investing We told you last night that Japan was throwing in the towel on its (approximately) zero interest rates and was raising rates to defend the yen.  I read today that earlier...

NYAIR Episode 88 –The G in ESG is Key

Jasper van Brakel, president and CEO of RSF Social Finance, will discuss the rising importance of governance within the alternative investment industry amidst ever-changing rules and regulations. The discussion is facilitated by Robert Akeson, managing director...

Connecting to achieve more

New York Alternative Investment Roundtable is honored to invite you to join our network of alternative investment professionals worldwide across the Fortune 1000 like Blackrock, Bloomberg, and Grant Thornton, including investment managers and providers dedicated to the industry. We equip our members with the opportunities and tools to connect, contribute, and innovate.

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Bringing together the best minds in the alternative investment industry

Join thought leaders and industry experts on critical topics and best practices within the alternative investment industry. New York Alternative Investment Roundtable is home to Nobel Prize winners, distrupters, alternative investment fund managers, investment analysts, philanthropists, and many others. Here, you have the opportunity to interact with some of the industry's most insightful leaders and experts.

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