The most compelling topics in alternatives

New York Alternative Investment Roundtable is a non-profit organization committed to delivering insights, promoting best practices, and advancing careers in the alternative investment industry. We host events featuring a diverse set of thought – provoking speakers, which provide our members the opportunity to discover insights, envision innovation, and build key relationships.

In addition to industry topics, New York Alternative Investment Roundtable highlights New York City area philanthropies to expose members to organizations they may be interested in becoming involved with or supporting. The Roundtable’s membership consists of investors, fund managers, analysts, and other industry professionals who regularly meet to discuss current issues within the industry and to connect with peers.

Mission: leading the industry forward

New York Alternative Investment Roundtable seeks to lead the alternative investment profession by creating a forum for thought leadership, enabling members to become stewards of the industry.

As a nonprofit, independent organization, we play a role in being champions of the alternative investment industry. New York Alternative Investment Roundtable members serve as mentors in their community by sharing their interests and knowledge within the alternatives industry.

Vision: an alternatives-focused ecosystem

New York Alternative Investment Roundtable seeks to support alternatives-focused investors’ ability to prosper by creating an ecosystem that connects innovative thinkers and institutions together through discussion. We also help improve career progression for investment professionals by promoting interactions essential to building relationships between members and the broader investment community.

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