NYALT Episode 100 – A Fireside Chat With Gary Wong

Over the past year, there has been a HUGE amount of developments in AI. Gary Wong, FinTech partner and AI/ML expert for Trading and RisksFin, discussed the intricacies of Large Language Models (LLMs), a transformative aspect of AI. The discussion was facilitated by Riverside Management Group’s Robert Akeson. Topics discussed included: How to practically use LLM safely,…

NYALT Episode 99 – Transforming The Investment Management Industry With Seema R. Hingorani

The asset management industry has been challenged by a lack of diversity on investment teams. And that’s not good for anyone: investment firms, women, and most importantly, investors. Founder and Chair of Girls Who Invest , Seema Hingorani, will share her personal perspectives on creating opportunity and facilitating change in the Investment Management Industry. Seema R….

NYALT Episode 98 – Sam Bankman-Fried & The FTX Bankruptcy with Brady Dale

The collapse of $32 billion cryptocurrency exchange FTX rocked the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets and brought an immediate halt to the skyrocketing career of Sam Bankman-Fried. The reverberations of FTX’s collapse were felt by financial markets around the world and continue to impact the cryptocurrency market. Brady Dale, experienced cryptocurrency reporter for Axios,…

NYALT Episode 97 –A Fireside Chat With William Silber

Risky decisions can sometimes pay-off and there is no shortage of examples where they have -from Hail Mary football passes in professional football games, to wartime strategies and investing decisions. Economist William Silber discusses the phenomenon of Hail Mary’s, a topic he explores in great depth in his book The Power of Nothing to Lose -The Hail Mary…

NYAIR Episode 96 –Nowcasting On Near Term AI/ML Adoption Within Financial Institutions 

Gary Wong, FinTech partner and AI/ML expert for Trading and RisksFin, discusses the AI/ML landscape within financial institutions and the realistic expectations investors should have for these technologies. The discussion is facilitated by Riverside Management Group’s Robert Akeson. A few thoughts from Wong regarding AI: 1) AI is here, and it is just the beginning. It…


NYAIR Episode 95 –An Alternative Perspective

Maneet Ahuja, a senior editor at Forbes and the founder of ICONOCLAST; Antoine Gara, a US Private and Institutional Capital Correspondent for the Financial Times; Sarah Tomolonious, a Partner and Head of Investor Relations at M13 and Amanda Cantrell, US investing team leader for Bloomberg discuss the strengths and weaknesses of how information is shared on…

NYAIR Episode 93 –Busted PE Deal? ESOP to the Rescue!

Private equity deals don’t always work out. But an attractive alternative may already exist within your company. Darren Gleeman, managing partner of MBO Ventures, discusses why employee stock option purchases (ESOPs) can be a better alternative for companies than PE investments with Robert Akeson, Managing Director of Investment Banking at Riverside Management Group.

NYAIR Episode 92 –Wall Street Women 2023: Directional Perspectives

Maria Fiorini Ramirez, President & Chief Executive Officer of Maria Fiorini Ramirez, Inc., lead a discussion with Alexandra Lebenthal, a Senior Advisor in Houlihan Lokey’s Financial Sponsors Group, and Geeta M. Kapadia, Chief Investment Officer of Fordham University, on what to expect from markets and the alternative investment industry at large in the coming months and years…

NYAIR Episode 91 –2023: A Cause for Distress

Dominique Mielle, a former hedge fund portfolio manager and author of “Damsel in Distressed” and Marc Schneider, founder of financial advisory, consulting and investment management firm Twelve Lions Capital discuss the distressed cycle, the sector’s lack of diversity and potential opportunities for investors in distressed investments in the year ahead.

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