Webinar: Trends in asset management -GP services, secondaries, stakes, liquidity & leverage

A Grant Thornton webcast discussion on liquidity considerations and solutions for asset managers. Panelists delve into the challenges that asset management and private equity firms are facing today and discuss best practices for navigating the rapidly changing landscape. 

Topics Covered Include:

  • The changing private fundraising environment: We’ll discuss how the fundraising landscape has become more challenging, and what GPs are doing to adapt.
  • Interest rate volatility and term structure have created challenges for banks, regulators, and PE sponsors. We will explore how they are navigating the impacts of post-Covid fiscal and monetary policy, and how portfolio and risk management has been affected.
  • Liquidity management: We’ll delve into how GPs manage liquidity for both their HoldCo and PortCo structures, and how recent banking crises have forced them to review their strategies. GPs need capital to fund growth, and face important decisions that have tax, accounting, cost, and control implications.
  • Future GP requirements: Finally, we’ll examine the trends that have emerged, and are likely to impact future GP liquidity and growth requirements. We’ll also explore what professional services firms can do to support GPs better in meeting these requirements.