Russia/Ukraine & the Implications for Our Relationship With Adversaries

By Gary Brode, Deep Knowledge Investing

Russia/Ukraine and the Implications for Our Relationship With Adversaries (including China). I’m speaking with three members of the Deep Knowledge Investing Board of Advisors:

• Dr. John Lenczowski (President Reagan’s National Security Advisor on the Soviet Union and Founder of the Institute for World Politics)

• Lt. Colonel (Ret) Jason Galui (West Point economics professor, combat veteran, Advisor to Presidents Obama and Trump, Advisor to three National Security Advisors, Founder of 4 Liberty Consulting)

• Heather Heldman (US State Department, The Hague, and Founder of Luminae Group, an international risk advisory firm)

The conflict in Ukraine is reshaping global alliances. NATO alliances are changing. China is watching the US for clues on how it will proceed with its planned takeover of Taiwan. European allies have partially joined the US in sanctions (which I believe have been counterproductive), but much of the globe has declined to join and continues to do business with Russia. The petrodollar has been broken with huge implications for the value of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. In addition to the massive geopolitical implications, worldwide oil markets have been challenged, and we expect there will be coming food shortages due to lack of access to Ukrainian wheat and Russian fertilizer. All of this complicates the efforts by the US Federal Reserve to try to contain inflation that is at a multi-decade high.

This is the biggest geopolitical issue since 2001, and it’s crucial to understand what’s being discussed in situation rooms all over the world. Our panel, all members of the DKI Board, bring specialized knowledge of Russia and China, experience advising three US Presidents, combat expertise, and geopolitical risk forecasting experience. We think any one of them alone would provide fantastic insight and would be the featured speaker at any event. By putting Lenczowski, Galui, and Heldman on the panel at the same time, we’re going to let you experience first-hand the interactions between these three uniquely informed experts. It’s not just the ideas and analysis they bring to the table; but rather, the way they evaluate and respond to each other’s ideas that make this webinar worth watching.