Stress, Mental Health & Your Workforce

The Connection Between Mental Health & Engagement

Mental health has shot up the list in Grant Thornton’s most recent State of Work in America survey. Employers that want to win the war for talent need to understand the stressors impacting their people and what they can do to help manage them. Unfortunately, too many employees fail to—and take actions that make things worse, destroying employee engagement.

“The relationship between organizations and employees is undergoing a fundamental reset,” says Tim Glowa, Grant Thornton Principal for Human Capital Services. “This can be a huge opportunity for employees that make the effort to understand what really matters to their people and that adjust their benefits and workforce approaches accordingly.”

In this episode of The Economics of the Changing Workforce, Glowa and Grant Thornton Chief Economist Diane Swonk discuss stressors and mental health issues and the varying and unequal ways they impact American workers. And they lay out common sense solutions employers can implement today to improve life for their employees—and improve their competitive position as they compete for talent.