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NYAIR Episode 72 –Current Trends in the Credit Market & Their Broader Implications

Financing conditions have been favorable across all asset classes throughout 2021, with issuance totals remaining solid as well. Investors’ hunt for yield continues to push speculative-grade bond, leveraged loan and collateralized obligation totals to multiyear and, in some cases, record-breaking totals in 2021. Yet, uncertainties remain as cases of the delta variant rise and geopolitical tensions continue to fester. Given these headwinds, what do the credit markets presage for 2022?

Denise Crowley, Head of Structured Investments for ZAIS Group, and Michael Haynes, a Portfolio Manager for Beach Point Capital Management, discuss current trends in the credit market with Robert E. Akeson, Managing Director, Investment Banking at Riverside Management Group

Topics covered include:

  • Will current inflation concerns prove to be transitory?
  • What will economic growth look like?
  • Consumer health and strength, lending demand, changing terms and products
  • Commercial real estate market trends
  • Relative value among asset classes