Fiscal Cliff

NYAIR Episode 68 –Taper Tantrums and Fiscal Cliffs: Weaning Markets off Pandemic Largesse

The COVID-19 pandemic has already lingered for more than a year and a half, with no finite end in sight. The impact it has had on global markets and economies has been significant, but what comes next? Daniel Sternoff, a Senior Managing Director at Medley Global Advisors and Head of Macro Content at Energy Aspects, discusses what is likely to be in store for markets once the pandemic is finally taken out of the equation.

Topics covered include:

  • What if inflation isn’t “transitory”?
  • How the FOMC’s internal debates on employment and inflation will shape financial conditions.
  • Inside the Biden administration’s strategy to both pass a bipartisan infrastructure compromise and a huge Democrat-only reconciliation package -fiscal headwinds or additional tailwinds?

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