NYAIR Episode 65 –The Evolving Cannabis Landscape

Consumer interest in cannabis is at an all-time high and is unlikely to wane anytime soon. From medical marijuana and CBD edibles, to straight forward recreational marijuana and countless CBD related products, interest in cannabis is growing at a rapid pace. Navigating the investment opportunities, however, can be fairly tricky given ongoing uncertainty surrounding the fairly nascent industry. Gretchen Gailey, founder, Panoptic Strategies and advisor at Skip Intro Advisors; Robert Hunt, founder and managing member, Linnaea Holdings; Jeff Schultz, partner, Feuerstein Kulick and Michael Zaytsev, author, cannabis coach and founder and CEO of High NY discuss the cannabis investment landscape and the many issues that are shaping its future -from varying state and federal regulations, to emerging law changes that could finally legalize banking services for the industry and pave the way for the development of a national industry.