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NYAIR Episode 63 –Taking Advantage of the Rise of Alternatives in Retail

The Alternative Investments market has been growing by about $1 trillion per year, and is expected to reach $14 trillion by 2023, per Preqin. As demand increases in the retail space, the need for solutions to offer access to this market segment will be key for managers looking to grow their business. There are several ways new technology can allow for efficient, effective and global distribution for fund managers.

Perrin Quarshie, the Founder & CEO of RealBlocks, and Scott Brooks, the alternative investment online liquidity platform’s Chief Operating Officer, discuss the industry’s $1 trillion per year growth and the rising demand for retail access to the market.

Topics they address include:
* How new technology enables efficient global distribution for fund managers
*Product structures such as defined contribution products
* Liquidity requirements
* Valuation
* Creating a “mutual fund-like” user experience