New York Congressmen favor opening the economy, decline to comment on unjust guardianships of the adults and elderly

Although the Biden Administration dismissed the idea of mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passports, New York Congressman Ritchie Torres is in favor of the Orwellian measure.

Torres is a freshman Democratic Congressman representing the South Bronx of New York.

“We should not act as if everyone has to be in a state of lockdown,” Torres told journalists attending a virtual New York Alternative Investment Roundtable virtual on Wednesday. “I actually support vaccine passports. I know it’s controversial but it allows us to pursue a middle ground rather than this all or nothing approach of shutting down businesses that are destabilizing and disruptive.”

After the governors of both Florida and Texas banned vaccine passports, which would require proof of inoculation against the coronavirus in order to travel, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said this week that the Biden administration will not require Americans to carry vaccine passports, according to Fox News.

Torres was a featured guest on the April 7 Freshman Congressional Perspective Zoom webinar along with Republican freshman Congressman Andrew Garbarino who said that no amount of government funding can compensate businesses for the economic devastation that comes with the shutdowns that have occurred due to the pandemic.

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