NYAIR Episode 55 –Jim O’Sullivan on the U.S. Economy Amidst COVID, Vaccines & New Political Leadership

A conversation with Jim O’Sullivan, Chief U.S. Macro Strategist for TD Securities, who discusses the U.S. outlook.

Among the topics he weighs in on are:

  • Is the economy double-dipping because of the latest COVID wave?
  • How long before COVID-related weakness is fully reversed with the help of vaccines?
  • Will COVID ultimately be inflationary or disinflationary?
  • How much can a Biden administration accomplish?
  • How long before policy stimulus needs to be reversed?
  • Will more stimulus be needed?

Jim O’Sullivan is TD Securities’ Chief U.S. Macro Strategist, where he forecasts and analyzes U.S. macroeconomic developments and policy actions driving financial markets. He has been named by MarketWatch as “the best high-frequency economic forecaster in America,” and has earned MarketWatch’s Forecaster of the Year award for 12 of the 16 years since it was created -a ranking determined by his accuracy in projecting U.S. economic indicators.

Prior to joining TD Securities, he was the Chief U.S. Economist for independent economics research firm High Frequency Economics. Before that, he worked as an economist at UBS, MF Global and J.P. Morgan, where he wrote the U.S. section of the firm’s flagship publication, Global Data Watch. He holds an M.A. in economics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and a B.A. in economics from Trinity College in Dublin, where he was named a Scholar of the University.

The PowerPoint presentation from the webinar can be downloaded here: Jan 19 2021 OSullivan NYAIR (1)