The Next Decade of Alternative Investments, From Adolescence to Responsible Citizenship

CAIA is pleased to introduce a new report outlining its thoughts on the future of alternative investments, including a four-point call to action for the industry.

As we enter a new decade, rife with a global pandemic, the most violent bear market in history, and unprecedented uncertainty, alternative investments continue to be a polarizing topic. Yet, further growth in alternatives is expected. Our report covers three important topics: the meteoric rise, current state, and outlook of alternative investments; a deep dive into the growth drivers of the underlying industries and asset classes; and a four-point call to action for the industry that will become our rallying cry in the coming years.

Here are some of the highlights:

percentage of global investible marketsClick to enlarge.

From Then to Now: A 15-Year Lookback


  • How alternative investments doubled their global market share between 2003 and 2018
  • Why record lows in global interest rates have driven pensions toward alternative investments

survey results rationaleWhy Alternative Investments?


  • CAIA Member rationales for investing in alternative asset classes
  • How alternative assets classes can help responsible investors reap the long-term benefits of both risk mitigation and return enhancement
  • Why value creation continues to shift from public markets to private markets