NYAIR Episode 38 – Navigating Asset Management During an Era of Populism, Trade Wars & Negative Yielding Debt

Frances Newton Stacy, director of portfolio strategy for Optimal Capital, discusses the current asset management environment –from the history of central banking and the business cycle, to what populism is and what types of risk it can create in an investment portfolio.

Some of the topics she touches on include:

  • How traditional technical analysis and mechanical understanding can be combined to predict market events, such as the financial crisis.
  • What populism is –both on the left and right; what causes it and how it has traditionally impacted politics and the economy.
  • How the business cycle works in regard to high level mechanics.
  • Monetary policy.
  • Negative rates.
  • Quantitative easing and balance sheet expansion.

With more than a decade of technical market analysis and trading experience in her current role, Newton Stacy is a frequent guest on Fox Business News as a commentator on Central Bank Policy and its effects on the economy. She has also appeared on CNBC, as well as several local and national television and radio programs, and blogs for the trading community, helping them recognize key cycles and significant support and resistance levels. She has taught a number of classes for trading students and has spoken extensively on the subject.

The discussion is moderated by Robert Akeson of Mirae Asset Securities (USA)