NYAIR Episode 35 – Save on Insurance, Taxes, & Be More Profitable: Captive Insurance Companies Decoded for Fund Managers

Captive insurance companies are insurers that are owned by the entities they insure, who also realize the benefits of any profits they derive from their underwriting activities. Wesley Sierk, the president, co-founder and lead strategist for Risk Management Advisors, Inc. -which specializes in alternative risk management structures using captive insurance companies, discusses the ins and outs of captive insurance companies and how they can be used within the alternative investment industry.

Wesley Sierk is an expert in asset protection, executive compensation, alternative risk transfer and captive insurance companies. He has nearly 20 years helping highly profitable, closely held businesses limit their risk exposure and taxes through qualified plan structures, onshore and off-shore entities, and trust arrangements. He is the author of “Taken Captive” a guide to captive insurance companies to business owners and “You Can Make It, But Can You Keep It?” A book for high net worth clients on how to protect their assets from litigation, taxes and bad advisors.