Women Making Inroads In Male-Dominated Alt Investments Industry

Loretta McCarthy became a founding member of the venture capital fund Golden Seeds in 2005 after working as chief marketing officer at Oppenheimer Funds for 10 years.

“At the time, women were not participating in capital formation at all,” said McCarthy, who is a managing partner at Golden Seeds, which finances women-led businesses.

Today, McCarthy is one of 18.8 percent of women working in the alternative investments industry, according to Prequin data. Although women are well represented in investor relations and marketing positions, comprising 45 percent of positions across all asset classes, McCarthy used her skill set and experience to cross over into the investment end.

“My marketing skills are helping women entrepreneurs who are not receiving funding at the same rate as men,” said McCarthy, who attended the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable’s (NYAIR) second annual all-female forum in Manhattan last week.

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