Join us for a fireside chat with Gary Brode, Founder of Deep Knowledge Investing and Michael Litt, Managing Partner, Paddlefish Partners.

Discover the economic intricacies shaping our financial landscape! Join us to explore the fascinating interplay between inflation, employment, and interest rates. In a thriving economy, the Federal Reserve traditionally raises interest rates to curb inflation, a historically effective yet somewhat crude tool. What makes this event unmissable? Dive into a thought-provoking discussion where Gary and Michael will challenge the norms, suggesting that the very rate hikes meant to quell inflation might paradoxically contribute to its escalation. Gain valuable insights, broaden your perspective, and be part of the conversation shaping our understanding of economic dynamics. Don’t miss the chance to navigate the complexities of inflationary times with expert insights!


Michael Litt has management & board leadership experience in a range of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, sports data software, industrial lighting, restaurants & homebuilding. Extensive Board leadership record involving growth companies, restructurings, financings and M&A activity.


Gary Brode has spent over 30 years in the securities industry. He currently runs Deep Knowledge Investing, a conflict-free advisory firm committed to helping hedge funds, RIAs, and individuals get better stock market returns. Prior to that, he was Managing Partner and Senior Portfolio manager for Silver Arrow Investment Management, a concentrated long-only hedge fund with options-based hedging. His research was a crucial component of Silver Arrow’s excellent investment results. Learn about DKI by checking out that QR Code!

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