Discovery Day New York aboard the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier is where BattleFin brings together cutting-edge Alternative Data providers to showcase the latest datasets being used to find alpha.  This year, we are adding a series of “Data Mosaic” panels where we bring together several related data providers to discuss and debate interesting trends and insights they are picking up across specific sectors, stocks and industries.  

Roundtable members are eligible for a 20% discount using code: NYAIR20

For alpha-seekers and investment funds, BattleFin curates One-on-One meetings to maximize time with data providers. Think of speed dating, but for data! People meet with 100+ alternative data companies across the geolocation, employment, news, sentiment, survey, credit card and other categories to set up their 2023 data testing and evaluation pipeline. Last year, we welcomed over 800+ attendees. 

Our New York event will be held on June 14th – 15th, 2023 aboard the historic Intrepid aircraft carrier, docked in the Hudson River.